Montana Board of Regents Meeting


Montana State University-Billings
Student Union Building Ballroom

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
1:00 - 5:30 PM


1:00 PM MSU Campuses [Operating Budgets Plus Campus and Agency-Specific Agenda for Action and Information]
2:15 PM Community Colleges
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM UM Campuses [Operating Budgets Plus Campus and Agency-Specific Agenda for Action and Information]
4:15 PM OCHE [Operating Budgets Plus Campus and Agency-Specific Agenda for Action and Information]
4:30 PM
  1. MUS Operating Budgets Summary  ITEM 144-101-R0909 | All Funds Summary | State Support Summary
  2. Authorization to Construct Bus Storage Facility; UM-Missoula  ITEM 144-1003-R0909
  3. Proposed  Land  Acquisition by Donation; MT Tech 
    ITEM 144-1501-R0909 | Supporting Material #1 | Supporting Material #2  | Supporting Material #3  | Supporting Material #4
  4. Authorization for Expansion to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building; MT Tech 
    ITEM 144-1504-R0909  | Supporting Material
  5. Construct ADA Modifications; MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 144-2007-R0909  | Supporting Material
  6. Tennis Facility Repair; MSU-Billings 
    ITEM 144-2704-R0909  | Supporting Material
  7. MUS Trust Land Issues


  1. Proposed Revision Policy 940.12.1, Annual Fee and Tuition Approval; Disclosure of Total Cost of Attendance; Montana University System
  2. Legislative Audit Update
5:10 PM
  1. Authorization to Name The University of Montana Native American Center to the Payne Family Native American Center; UM-Missoula 
    ITEM 144-1004-R0909 |  Supporting Material
  2. Operating Agreement Between UM-Western and UM-Western Foundation; UM-Western  ITEM 144-1602-R0909
  3. Fire Services training Advisory Council;  MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 144-2012-R0909
  4. Paint Existing Auxiliaries Facilities;  MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 144-2011-R0909
  5. Renew Lease-Joseph M. Hartmann Memorial Ranch;  MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 144-2009-R0909 | Supporting Material
  6. Lease for Western Transportation Institute;  MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 144-2010-R0909 | Supporting Material
  7. Expend Computer Fees;  MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 144-2006-R0909
  8. Expend Computer Fees;  MSU-MSU-Great Falls COT 
    ITEM 144-2851-R0909
  9. Expend Student Equipment Fees;  MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 144-2008-R0909
  10. Expend Student Equipment Fees;  MSU-Great Falls COT ITEM 144-2852-R0909

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