Montana University System Staff Association

MUSSA email meeting notes from January 7, 2011

MUSSA member discussed the upcoming interaction with the Board of Regents at their January 13 meeting in Helena.

MSU Bozeman asked for feedback and statistics from each of its sister campuses. MSU Havre and Billings did not have the funding or representative available to travel to Helena. MSU Great Falls is forming a Senate and would not be attending.

December, 2010
Total Employees
incl temp

Regular Employees
(union and non-union)
MSU Bozeman 3,526 2,635 1,014 38.48%
MSU Northern, Havre 521 211 58 27.49%
MSU College of Tech, GTF 250 124 51 41.13%
MSU Billings 742 495 204 41.21%
  5,039 3,465 1,327 38.30%

Bozeman noted that we were using the statistical information to determine what sort of remote representation model might work best for Staff Senate as we move toward a version of President Cruzado's "One MSU" vision and concept. Right now we are very disconnected, and I would like to see that change for the better following the "reaching out" model we have used to gain input from our Extension employees.

UM Missoula would be attending the Regents meeting in Helena. However, none of the UM sister campuses would be able to attend.

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