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February 20, 2008

MUSSA thanks Commissioner Stearns for the invitation to submit a short report to the Regents for the March Board meeting. Meanwhile, we look forward to further discussion, in May. MUSSA Activities Update

  1. MUSSA strongly supports and is encouraged by recent Regent, OCHE, and campus executive budgetary activity, and for the consideration of the Recruitment and Retention Task Force report.

  2. Pooled Resources: status report.
    1. In 2005, MUSSA was charged by the Board of Regents to explore the logistics for a Pooled Resources web-based facility providing professional development and training opportunities for classified staff.
    2. Reporting its findings that Pooled Resources was feasible and desirable, and suggesting how such a facility might operate, in November 2005 MUSSA was authorized to form an Implementation Committee. The following March, the Regents delegated progressing the venture to the Commissioner’s Office (OCHE).
    3. OCHE, MUS HR directors, campus administrators, MUSSA, and others duly completed the Implementation Plan in May of 2006. MUSSA has an ongoing advisory role, following acknowledgement of its inability to operate and run Pooled Resources itself. Other participants undertook to fulfill various other obligations (including program coordination). All participants signified their agreement with the Plan and implementation began – for a launch in Fall 2006.
    4. After conducting a needs assessment of classified employee training preferences (in January 2006) the program coordinator’s time ceased to be available. This was due to staffing and resource difficulties within the UM Human Resources department and MUSSA remains grateful for the inherent support of the HR Director, and other players.
    5. As MUSSA has explained from the onset of this venture, due to the temporary and voluntary nature of its membership, MUSSA cannot run Pooled Resources itself. Nevertheless, in the absence of a program coordinator last summer, MUSSA attempted to collect the necessary inventory itself. Although this proved unsuccessful, it resulted in the establishment of some leads which will be useful as the project proceeds under established program coordination.
    6. At the November 2007 Board of Regents meeting, Kevin McRae undertook to work further with MUSSA as regards Pooled Resources. In a conference call, in January 2008, he requested MUSSA submit a report detailing what the program needs to launch and continue to function.
    7. MUSSA is responding to Kevin’s request, and will update the Regents when we next meet, in May.



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