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CEPAC Presentation: Board of Regents Meeting: February 28, 2007

MSU’s Inability to Recruit & Retain is at Critical Level

The Problem

  • MSU’s ability to recruit and retain employees is being challenged to critical levels
    • "MSU Within the Community Context” report
  • External factors include:
    • *Extremely low workforce volume
    • Local economic growth
    • Extraordinary housing costs
    • Employee-driven labor market
  • Market influences have:
    • Rendered MSU uncompetitive both in attracting new hires and retaining quality staff
    • And specifically in the areas of:
      • Salary
      • Reputation
      • Flexibility
      • Ancillary costs to employees
      • Hiring processes
  • Forced compensation inequities within the MUS. In the context of average unfurnished house rents:
  • MSU staff are earning ⅓ - ⅔ less than their MUS counterparts

MSU’s Staffing Crisis

  • Vacancy postings (all categories) are consistently disproportionate compared across the MUS
  • MSU classified postings average 43 on the days listings were checked 2006/07 (versus 1-18 on the other campuses)
  • Areas most severely impacted include:
    • Service standards
    • Risk and safety
    • Workloads
    • Morale
    • Employer reputation
  • Combined with the impact of covering such widespread vacancies, existing staff cannot make ends meet on their current salaries:
    • 85% of full time staff must supplement their MSU income
    • Bozeman average rent is affordable for only 1% of staff (7 people)
  • MSU isn’t adequately attracting new hires, alternative employment opportunities within the community are appealing to existing staff. MSU’s previous advantages (e.g. strong reputation, and comprehensive benefits package) are diminished by current offerings within the contemporary market

Proposed Paths to Resolution

  • OCHE Recruitment & Retention Task Force
  • CEPAC report recommendations
  • MUSSA initiatives

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