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Given the current demands on virtual services we are very excited to partner with iTutor to provide online tutoring to schools. iTutor provides students with virtual and live academic tutoring support in a 1:1, 1:4 or whole class environment. Schools simply work with iTutor to schedule classes that will advance the academic preparedness and graduation rates of your students. Services should align with the college readiness mission of the GEAR UP grant and be made in consultation with the MTGU administrator. iTutor and MTGU have all the materials and policies you need to make it happen! Learn more at

iTutor is an Accredited Digital Learning Institute. iTutor provides the logistical support, promotional materials, and online software to increase the effectiveness of academic interventions at your school. iTutor’s supplemental instruction is fully aligned with the needs highlighted by local school officials. Downlaod the informational page here.

Services available to schools through this partnership…

  • Targeted academic skills enhancement services provided by State-certified teachers.
  • Access to iTutor’s virtual classroom, whiteboard, and LMS. Students and teachers will connect on a pre-scheduled, recurring basis in real-time using two-way video, audio, and chat communication tools.
  • Flexible sessions available.
  • Resources for summer bridge programs.
  • Students can access the video recordings anytime through their iTutor account.
  • Support for General Education subjects, with varied service durations, and with varied schedules (e.g., during school hours and/or after school). For example, instruction may include: Academic intervention or Homework Help in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies.
  • Other areas of focus may include:

                                   o College and Career Readiness                                           o Enrichment and AP support 
                                   o World languages support                                                   o Homework help 
                                   o PSAT, SAT or ACT test prep                                                 o Social Emotional workshops
                                   o STEM                                                                                       o Virtual Field Trips

Utilizing iTutor

GEAR UP has allocated a block of iTutor instructional hours to each school. In order to access your school's resources please reference the signed iTutor agreement.

If you have any addiotnal questions concerning this partnership please contact Travis Anderson at 406-449-9139 or