Fiscal and Programmatic Resources

Weekly Webinars

Wednesday September 5, 2018

Fiscal Resources

In-Kind/Match Report
Time and Effort Activity Log Template
Sample Time and Effort Log
Tips for Entering Match into GEARS
Gift Card/Certificate Form
Facilities/Technology Usage Match Capture Help
Blank Fiscal Report
Cash Request Form (.doc) (.pdf)

Programmatic Resources

GEAR UP Calendar
Required Duties of a GEAR UP Liaison
2011 GEAR UP Grant Commitments
2017-2018 Professional Development Grid
Blank Copy of GEAR UP School MOA
College Visit Tool Kit
Department of Education Professional Development Requirements
Montana GEAR UP Brochure
Reach Higher Montana Advisors (SAF Outreach)
Service Table
Service Benchmarks: 7-8
Service Benchmarks: 9-10
Service Benchmarks: 11-12
SGM Assignments
Special Project Application & Guidelines
Tribal College Contact Information
Math in Montana: Overview of Math Resources & GEAR UP Best Practices
Program Idea Sharing Worksheet

Attendance Records:

Summer Programs Attendance Record
Tutoring - Math
Tutoring - English
Tutoring - Science
Tutoring - Social Studies
Tutoring - Other

Evaluation/GEARS Resources

Best Practices:
Montana GEAR UP College and Career Readiness Best Practices Guide

College Visit Survey Links:
College Visit Survey (.pdf)
College Visit Survey (.doc)
College Visit Online Survey

Local Summer Programs:
Local Summer Program Instructions
Local Summer Program Survey - Online Link
Local Summer Program Survey - Hard Copy for Printing

GEARS/Service Resources:
Winter GEARS Data Entry Reminders
A Practioner's Guide to Implementing Early Warning Systems
Montana GEAR UP GRAD Manual
GEARS Teacher Service Cheat Sheet
GEARS Student Service Cheat Sheet
GEARS Parent Service Cheat Sheet
Monthly Service Check Tip Sheet
MUS College Prep vs. Rigorous Core
Service Evaluation Worksheet
GEARS Manual on Transfer-Inactive Students

Other Resources:
Montana GEAR UP & the National Evaluation Consortium


Technical Assistance Manual

The Montana GEAR UP Technical Assistance Manual is intended to aid GEAR UP school staff in the day-to-day workings of GEAR UP and to ultimately improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the GEAR UP program, both at the school level and statewide.

The Montana GEAR UP state staff understands that GEAR UP is not a “one size fits all” program, and that each School Management Team individually crafts their own school-specific program. Further, each specific school’s program (and subsequently the program statewide) will inevitably evolve as the years of the grant progress. However, there are certain components that are more-or-less universal for all schools. Therefore, in order to maintain a level of continuity program wide and provide school staff with the best technical assistance possible, the Montana GEAR UP office has produced this Technical Assistance Manual (TAM).

College Access Games

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