In Fall 2019, Montana high school students took over 300 different courses through the Montana University System (MUS). About 2/3 of student enrollment consisted of Concurrent Enrollment courses in high schools, with the other 1/3 of enrollment including on campus and online courses. 


The table below lists the different college courses Montana high school students enrolled in through dual enrollment in the MUS in Fall 2019. Please visit our high schools page for a list of only Concurrent Enrollment courses in high schools.


Course and teacher availability may change each term. Please get in touch with your school counselor or contact a campus dual enrollment coordinator to learn about the latest course offerings and to get more information on what dual enrollment format would be best for you.



Looking for a different course? No problem. Most 100- and 200-level courses in the MUS are available for high school students to take via dual enrollment. Contact us to find out more about dual enrollment course options

Fall 2019 Courses Taken by Dual Enrollment Students in the MUS
AASC 101 Study & Learning Strategy
ACT 106 Beg Conditioning & Fitness
ACT 110 Beginning Weight Training
ACT 150 Beginning Yoga
ACT 170 Beginning Swimming
ACT 191 Boot Camp
ACT 250 Pilates
ACT 254 Self Defense
ACT 283 Logger Sports
ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I
ACTG 201 Principles of Fin Acct
AGSC 101 Intro to Ag & Env Resources
AGSC 200 Soil Nutrient Management
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology
AHMS 175 Medical Law and Ethics
AHMS 270E Medical Ethics
AHST 101 Intro to Surgical Technology
ANTY 101 Anthro & the Human Experience
ANTY 220S Culture & Society
ARAB 101 Elementary Modern Arabic I
ARCH 121IA Introduction to Design
ARTH 150 Introduction to Art History
ARTH 160 Global Visual Culture
ARTH 200 Art of World Civilization I
ARTJ 210 Jewelry and Metalsmithing I
ARTZ 101 Art Fundamentals
ARTZ 105 Visual Language - Drawing
ARTZ 106 Visual Language-2-D Fndtns
ARTZ 131 Ceramics for Non-Majors
ARTZ 222 Painting Studio: Oil
ARTZ 231 Ceramics I
AST 114 Automotive Brakes
AST 115 Automotive Brakes Lab
AST 230 Elec/Elctrncs Sys II
ASTR 110 Intro to Astronomy
BFIN 205 Personal Finance
BGEN 105 Introduction to Business
BGEN 110 Applied Business Leadership
BGEN 204 Business Fundamentals
BGEN 235 Business Law
BGEN 220E Bus Ethics & Soc Responsiblty
BIOB 101 Discover Biology
BIOB 102 Discover Biology Lab
BIOB 105 Intro to Biotechnology
BIOB 110 Plant Science
BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems
BIOB 161 Prncpls of Living Systems Lab
BIOB 275 General Genetics
BIOE 110 Intro to Environmental Health
BIOE 103CS Environmental Sci & Society
BIOH 104 Basic Human Biology
BIOH 108 Basic Anatomy
BIOH 112 Human Form & Function I
BIOH 201N Human Anat Phys I (equiv 301)
BIOH 202N Human Anat and Phys I Lab
BIOO 215 Field Botany
BMGT 180 Employment Law and Practices
BMGT 205 Prof  Business Communicatn
BMGT 210 Sml Business Entrepreneurship
BMGT 335 Management & Organization
BMIS 270 MIS Foundations for Business
BMKT 225 Marketing
BMKT 240 Advertising
CAPP 116 Short Courses: MS Excel
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers
CAPP 131 Basic MS Office
CAPP 151 MS Office
CAPP 153 MS PowerPoint
CAPP 154 MS Word
CAPP 156 MS Excel
CAPP 120A Intro to Computer Applications
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHMY 101 Discover Chemistry
CHMY 104 Preparation for Chemistry
CHMY 105 Explorations in Chemistry
CHMY 121 Intro to General Chemistry
CHMY 122 Intro to Gen Chem Lab
CHMY 141 College Chemistry I
CHMY 142 College Chemistry I Lab
CHMY 191 Special Topics
CJLE 106 Basic Police Firearms Training
CJUS 121 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJUS 200 Principles of Criminal Law
CJUS 220 Introduction to Corrections
CJUS 230 Police Org and Behavior
CJUS 291 Special Topics
CJUS 125N Fund of Forensic Science
COA 205 Introduction to Coaching
COLS 102 College Success Strategies
COMX 106 Comm in a Dynamic Workplace
COMX 111 Intro to Public Speaking
COMX 115 Interpersonal Communication
COMX 222 Professional Communication
CRWR 111 Beginning Poetry
CRWR 210 Intro Fiction Workshop
CRWR 212 Intro Nonfiction Workshop
CRWR 240 Intro Creative Writing Wrkshp
CRWR 115L Montana Writers Live
CSCI 100 Intro to Programming
CSCI 102 Computational Thinking w/ lab
CSCI 105 Computer Fluency
CSCI 107 The Joy & Beauty of Computing
CSCI 111 Programming with Java I
CSCI 114 Programming with C#
CSCI 116 Intro to Python Programming
CSCI 127 Joy and Beauty of Data
CSCI 132 Basic Data Structures & Algori
CSCI 135 Fund of Computer Science I
CSCI 136 Fund of Computer Science II
CSCI 181 Web Design and Programming
CSCI 204 Multimedia Dev Methods
CSCI 240 Databases and SQL
CSTN 191 Special Topics
DANC 191 Special Topics
DANC 108A Dance Forms
DANC 215A Jazz Dance II
DCC 101 Dawson College Success
DDSN 114 Introduction to CAD
DDSN 118 CAD l
DDSN 119 Technical Graphics I
DDSN 131 Intro to Drafting and Design
DDSN 135 SolidWorks I
DST 132 Diesel Engine Overhaul
DST 202 Advanced Power Trains
DST 294 Seminar/Workshop
ECNS 101 Economic Way of Thinking
ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECNS 202S Principles of Macroeconomics
ECP 100 First Aid and Safety
ECP 120 Emergency Medical Responder
EDEC 108 Introduction to EC Education
EDEC 247 Child and Adolescent Dvlpmnt
EDU 101 Teaching and Learning
EDU 105 Education and Democracy
EDU 200 Introduction to Education
EDU 201 Intro to Educ with Fld Exprnce
EDU 220 Human Growth & Development
EDU 221 Educ Psyc & Measurement
EDU 291 Special Topics/Experimental
EDU 220L Human Growth & Development Lab
ELCT 110 Basic Electricity I
ELCT 120 Basic Industrial Controls
ELCT 133 Basic Wiring
ELCT 137 Electrical Drafting
ENVS 260 Wildlands Skills
EQUH 198 Internship
EQUH 253 Starting Colts
ERTH 101IN Earth System Sciences
ETEC 100 Intro to Maker Skills
EWLD 110 Intro to Nondestructive Test
FILM 105 Motion Picture Appreciation
FILM 103L Introduction to Film
FIRE 115 Firefighter I Foundations
FRCH 101 Elementary French I
GDSN 148 Digital Illustration I
GDSN 250 Graphic Design I
GEO 101 Intro to Physical Geologyw/Lab
GEO 101N Intro to Physical Geology
GEO 102N Intro to Physical Geology Lab
GEO 103N Intr Environmental Geology
GER 105 Elementary German
GPHY 111 Intro to Physical Geography
GPHY 121 Human Geography
GRMN 101 Elementary German I
GRMN 102D Elementary German II
HADM 335 Health Law and Ethics
HADM 440 Mgmt Epidemiology & Pub Hlth
HEE 191A Fit for Life
HONR 131 Freshman Research Symposium
HSTA 101 American History I
HSTA 102 American History II
HSTA 255 Montana History
HSTA 160D Introduction to the Am West
HSTR 101 Western Civilization I
HSTR 201 The 20th Century World I
HTH 101 Opport in Health Professions
HTH 110 Personal Health and Wellness
HTH 270 Global Health Issues
HTH 412 Drugs and Alcohol
IDSN 101 Intro to Interior Design
IT 100 Introduction to Technology
ITLN 101 Elementary Italian I
ITS 150 CCNA 1: Exploration
ITS 165 OS Commands and Scripts
ITS 166 Configuring MS Windows 10
JPNS 101 Elementary Japanese I
LEG 121 Law; Society; Legal Reasoning
LING 472 Syntax
LIT 110 Intro to Literature
LIT 112 Intro To Fiction
LIT 120 Poetry
LIT 210 American Literature I
LIT 216 American Short Story
LIT 226 Shakespeare: History & Tragedy
LIT 214D Regional Literature
LIT 236L Literary Histories
LSCI 125 Research in the Info Age
LSH 201 Introduction to the Humanities
M 005 Co-Req Support for M105
M 021 College Algebra Coreq
M 065 Pre-Algebra
M 090 Introductory Algebra
M 094 Quantitative Reasoning
M 095 Intermediate Algebra
M 105 Contemporary Mathematics
M 108 Business Mathematics
M 111 Technical Mathematics
M 114 Extended Technical Math
M 115 Probability & Linear Math
M 120 Math w/Health Care Application
M 121 College Algebra
M 122 College Trigonometry
M 123 Surveying Mathematics I
M 140 College Math for Healthcare
M 143 Finite Mathematics
M 151 Pre-Calculus
M 152 Precalculus Algebra
M 153 Precalculus Trigonometry
M 162 Applied Calculus
M 171 Calculus I
M 172 Calculus II
M 225 Intro to Discrete Mathematics
M 273 Multivariable Calculus
M 098A Intro & Intermediate Algebra
M 151Q Precalculus
M 181Q Honors Calculus I
M 191B Special Topics: Math for Weld
MART 231 Interactive Web I
MART 255 Photoshop: Art and Design
MART 101L Intro to Media Arts
MCH 101 Intro to Manufacturing Process
MCH 120 Blueprint Read Intrp Machining
MCH 122 Introduction to CAM
MCH 129 Machine QC & Precision Mmnt
MCH 132 Intro to Engine Lathes
MCH 134 Intro to Mills
MCH 234 CNC Milling Operations Level 1
MSL 201 Innovative Team Leadership
MUSE 274 Techniques: Upper Brass
MUSE 279 Techniques: Vocal
MUSI 101 Enjoyment of Music
MUSI 102 Performance Study: Guitar
MUSI 102 Performance Study: Voice
MUSI 104 Music Fundamentals
MUSI 105 Music Theory I
MUSI 108 Orchestra: FVCC
MUSI 112 College Choir
MUSI 114 Band: Dawson
MUSI 135 Keyboard Skills I
MUSI 140 Aural Perception I
MUSI 147 Choral Ensemble: Univ Chorus
MUSI 160 Beginning Guitar
MUSI 162 Chamber Ensembles: FVCC
MUSI 180 Composition I: Fall
MUSI 195 Applied Music
MUSI 205 Music Theory III
MUSI 207 World Music
MUSI 235 Keyboard Skills III
MUSI 240 Aural Perception III
MUSI 281 Diction I: English & Italian
MUSI 308 Orchestras II: MSU Symph Orch
MUSI 132L History of Rock & Roll
MUSI 162A Chamber Ensembles:Singers
MUSI 195B Applied Music I:Voice
NASX 105 Intro Native American Studies
NASX 205 Native Americans in Contmp Soc
NASX 232 MT Ind Cltrs/Hstry/Iss
NC 021 Supplemental Instrctn for Math
NRSG 106 Nursing Assistant Course
NRSG 191 Special Topics
NUTR 221 Basic Human Nutrition
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 110 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 111 Philosophies of Life
PHL 261Y History of Ancient Philosophy
PHOT 113 Understanding Photography
PHOT 154 Exploring Digital Photography
PHSX 103 Our Physical World
PHSX 105 Fund of Physical Science w/Lab
PHSX 121 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHSX 205 College Physics I
PHSX 206 College Physics I Lab
PHSX 103IN The Physics of How Things Work
PPT 151 Process Plant Safety I
PSCI 210 Intro to American Government
PSCI 230 Intro to Intl Relations
PSCI 260 Intro to State and Local Govt
PSYX 100 Intro to Psychology
PSYX 150 Drugs and Society
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology
PSYX 240 Fund of Abnormal Psychology
PSYX 260 Fund of Social Psychology
PSYX 335 Psychology of Gender
PSYX 350 Physiological Psychology
PSYX 351 Physiological Psychology Lab
PTRM 201 Recreation Management
RD 101 College Reading Strategies
RUSS 101 Elementary Russian I
RUSS 201 Intermediate Russian I
SIGN 101 Intro to American Sign Lang
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 211 Intro to Criminology
SOCI 220 Race, Gender and Class
SPNS 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPNS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPNS 311 Hispanic Culture & Civ I
SPNS 321 Adv Spanish Conversations I
SPNS 405 Spanish Comp & Grammar I
SPNS 102D Elementary Spanish II
SPNS 202D Intermediate Spanish II
STAT 141 Intro to Statistical Concepts
STAT 216 Intro to Statistics
THTR 101 Introduction to Theatre
THTR 120 Introduction to Acting I
THTR 339 Drama in Elementary Education
TRID 151 Welding
TRID 181 Transport Elect Systems Lec
WGSS 242 Gender and Equality
WILD 180 Careers in Wildlife Biology
WILD 270 Wildlife Habitat and Conservat
WLDG 100 Intro to Welding Fundamentals
WLDG 105 Shop Safety
WLDG 107 Industrial Safety for WLDG
WLDG 110 Welding Theory I
WLDG 111 Welding Theory I Practical
WLDG 112 Cutting Processes
WLDG 117 Blueprint Rdng & Weldng Symbls
WLDG 124 Welding Theory Tech & Safety
WLDG 125 Cut/Shielded Mtl Arc Weld Lab
WLDG 126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab
WLDG 145 Fabrication Basics I
WLDG 185 Welding Qualification Tst Prep
WLDG 205 Applied Metallurgy
WLDG 212 Pipe Welding & Layout
WLDG 213 Pipe Welding I Lab
WLDG 215 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WLDG 291 Special Topics
WRIT 095 Developmental Writing
WRIT 100 Composing Mindfully: Writ Fund
WRIT 101 College Writing I
WRIT 121 Intro to Technical Writing
WRIT 122 Intro to Business Writing
WRIT 191 Special Topics
WRIT 201 College Writing II
X 191C Comminity & Civil Service
X 191F Physical Fitness
X 191L Leadership & Personal Dvlpment