Office of Commissioner of Higher Education


Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program

Montana's Education Priorities

Working collectively with the Office of Public Instruction, the Governor's Office, and the Department of Labor and Industry, it is the mission of the Montana University System to

  • provide a lifetime continuum of quality education from preschool through adulthood,
  • graduate every high school student college- and workforce-ready,
  • increase the number of Montanans who earn college degrees,
  • increase academic access, and
  • increase student success.

By implementing measures that increase educational access and success, the MUS can effectively

  • decrease the time it takes to earn a degree,
  • decrease the overall cost of education,
  • increase college completion, and
  • ensure a workforce that is prepared to meet the dynamic needs of local economies.

ITQ Funding Priorities

Funding for the Title II Improving Teacher Quality program has steadily decreased over the years. Priority consideration is given to proposals that target one or more of the following professional development opportunities:

  • Low performing, “high-need” schools
  • Professional development aligned to the CCSS
  • Teacher recruitment and/or induction activities
  • Partnerships that increase access for teachers and students from historically underrepresented and underserved groups
  • Professional development linked to student achievement



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