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Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program

Allowable Project Activities for State Higher Education Agency Grants

Consistent with the priorities and criteria it has announced for selection of grant recipients, a higher education agency makes awards of Title II, Part A funds to support one or more of the following types of activities to enhance student achievement in LEAs and schools participating in the partnerships:

Professional development activities in core academic subjects to ensure that:

  • teachers, highly qualified paraprofessionals, and, if appropriate, principals have subject-matter knowledge in the academic subjects that the teachers teach (including knowledge of computer-related technology to enhance student learning), and
  • principals have the instructional leadership skills to help them work most effectively with teachers to help students master core academic subjects.

Development and provision of assistance to LEAs and to their teachers, highly qualified paraprofessionals, or school principals, in providing sustained, high-quality professional development activities that:       

  • ensure that those individuals can use challenging state academic content standards, student academic achievement standards, and state assessments to improve instructional practices and student academic achievement;
  • may include intensive programs designed to prepare individuals who will return to a school to provide instruction related to the professional development described in the preceding paragraph to others in their schools, and
  • may include activities of partnerships between one or more LEAs, one or more of the LEAs’ schools, and one or more higher education institution for the purpose of improving teaching and learning at low-performing schools.



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