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Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program

Montana Rural Schools

The purpose of the Improving Teacher Quality grant program is to ensure our state's high-need middle school and high school teachers and principals have the opportunity to become highly qualified. Title II, Part A legislation provides state education agencies with the flexibility to use these funds creatively to address challenges to teacher quality. Grant projects must provide high-qualified professional development. Professional development includes, but is not limited to, activities that

  • improve and increase teachers' knowledge of academic subjects and enable teachers to become highly qualified;
  • are an integral part of broad schoolwide and districtwide educational improvement plans;
  • give teachers and principals the knowledge and skills to help students meet challenging state academic standards;
  • improve classroom management skills;
  • are sustained, intensive, and classroom focused and are not one-day or short-term workshops;
  • advance teacher understanding of effective instruction strategies that are based on scientifically based research, and
  • are developed with extensive participation of teachers, principals, parents, and administration.

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