BOR ARSA Committee - APASP Task Force Meeting

Thursday, October 26, 2017 | 9-11 a.m. | UC Ballroom

* Meeting Video *

  1. Introduction – Chair Martha Sheehy and Deputy Commissioner John Cech

  2. Welcoming Remarks - Beverly Edmond, Chair, APASP Task Force

  3. The prioritization process at UM – APASP Task Force members
    1. Framework - John DeBoer
    2. Criteria - Steve Schwarze or Jen Zellmer-Cuaresma
    3. Metrics - Andrew Ware

  4. The report submission and review process – APASP Task Force members
    1. Description of review process, response mechanisms; prioritization and development of Task Force’s recommendations to President and Cabinet – Liz Putnam
    2. Academic program report review discussion – John DeBoer
    3. Administrative service report review discussion – Jen Zellmer-Cuaresma

  5. The importance of data in APASP and the challenge of data integrity/trust – Dawn Ressel & Andrew Ware

  6. Next steps in the prioritization process at UM – Sheila Stearns, President and Beverly Edmond, APASP Task Force Chair
    1. President and Cabinet decisions and implementation
    2. Addressing "things we've always done this way"
    3. Creating a continuous review process linked to Strategic Vision, Assessment, Institutional Accreditation

  7. Q&A for members of the ARSA Committee with members of APASP Task Force

  8. Public comment

Prior to the meeting, ARSA members will receive the following set of documents to review:

APASP Framework
APASP Criteria & Metrics for Academic Programs
APASP Criteria & Metrics for Administrative Services
Lists of Units of Analysis: and
Terms & DefinitionsData Definitions
Chronological set of updates to campus community on APASP


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