Proposed Revisions to 940.28 - Athletic Fees


Board Policy:


            The units campuses of the Montana University System may assess students an athletic fee dedicated to the support of intercollegiate athletic activities only under the following conditions.




            A.         The campus administration requests the Regents to approve a fee and indicates the amount of the proposed fee; and


            B.         The results of a recent campus referendum or vote of the student governing body of the proposed fee are made known to the Board; and


            C.         The Regents authorize the fee.




            Montana State University and the University of Montana may assess students taking 7 or more credits an athletic fee of $30.00 per semester dedicated to the support of intercollegiate athletic activities.  Payment of this fee shall allow the student to be admitted to campus athletic events to the extent deemed practical by the campus administration.






                Item 79-003-R0693, Athletic Fee Policy (NEW), approved by the Board of Regents June 7, 1993.