Proposed Revision to 801.7.1 - Sick Leave Fund


Board Policy:


            The presidents and chancellors of the units campuses of the Montana University System and the Commissioner of Higher Education shall establish a uniform sick leave fund plan to allow for sharing of accrued sick leave among employees and the pooling of accrued sick leave, in accordance with 2-18-618, M.C.A.  Such sick leave fund plan may be administered locally or may involve participation in the plan administered by the Department of Administration.





            If the presidents, chancellors or the Commissioner of Higher Education choose to administer a sick leave fund plan for their employees, the campus units or the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education shall develop procedures for administration of the plan.  The procedures shall be generally consistent with those promulgated by the Department of Administration and shall be filed with the Commissioner of Higher Education.





                Item 54-001-R1286, Sick Leave Fund Policy; Montana University System, March 27, 1987.