Proposed Revision to 702.7 - Appointment; Faculty, Emeriti


Board policy:


            1.         Emeriti titles may be granted by the president or chancellor of a unit campus to tenured faculty members upon retirement after approval by the Board of Regents.




            1.         Each unit campus shall establish policies relating to procedures for nomination and privileges which may accrue to persons accorded emeritus status.  Nothing contained in any such policy shall prohibit the unit campus from rescinding such privileges should it become necessary to do so.


            2.         Unit policies relating to emeritus awards shall be filed with the Commissioner of Higher Education.


            3.         The president or chancellor of a unit campus shall make his recommendation for emeritus status to the Board of Regents at the appropriate meeting when personnel recommendations are being considered.




                Item 24-002-R0579, Faculty, emeriti, Montana University System, May 30, 1979.