Proposed Revision to 504.1 - Resident Student Financial Assistance Program




Board policy:


1.         The Commissioner of Higher Education is directed to carry out the provisions of 2-15-1517 M.C.A. concerning the resident student financial assistance program.





            1.         An advisory council for the resident student financial assistance program is hereby created to consist of:


                        a.         3 practicing financial aid officers

                        b.         1 chief administrator of a postsecondary educational institution

                        c.         1 chief fiscal officer of a postsecondary educational institution

                        d.         1 student enrolled full-time at a postsecondary educational institution.


            There may be only one member from any given postsecondary institution.


            2.         The members of the advisory council shall be appointed for one-year terms.  When a vacancy occurs, the Board shall appoint a person to the unexpired term.


            3.         The Commissioner of Higher Education shall nominate persons for consideration by the Board of Regents and shall, to the extent possible, insure representation from all sectors of the postsecondary educational institutions including licensed proprietary institutions.


            4.         The Advisory Council shall meet upon the call of the Commissioner of Higher Education or designated representative.


            5.         The Commissioner may delegate responsibility for day-to-day program operations to a member of his staff and shall provide necessary guidelines for the advisory committee.


          6.         The Commissioner shall seek the advice of appropriate faculty scholarship committees.





             Item 19-003-R0178, Resident Student Financial Assistance Program, January 16, 1978.