Proposed Revision to 501.2 - Community College Honor Scholarships

Board policy:

1.  The Board of Regents of Higher Education will award Community College Honor Scholarships annually in accordance with the following procedures.

2.  The scholarships may be utilized at any unit  campus of Montana University System as a waiver of registration and incidental fees, provided satisfactory academic progress is maintained.[1]

3.  The value of the scholarship may not be more than the maximum undergraduate registration and incidental fees.


1.  One scholarship may be awarded to a member of any graduating class for each 25 associate degree graduates or major fraction thereof.

a.  The chairman chair of the Board of Trustees of a community college district must certify that the prospective recipient is a graduate of the community college with an associate degree, is the highest in scholarship of those members of the graduating class desiring to attend the Montana University System, and is recommended by the president and faculty of the community college.

b.  A recipient must utilize the scholarship within 9 months after receiving the associate degree from the community college.

c.  The scholarship is intended for residents of the State of Montana.


Item 5-006-R0774, Policy regarding Fee Waivers, Montana University System, amended June 7, 1976 (rescinded); Item 18-006-R1077, Honor Scholarships, Montana University System, October 28, 1977 as revised November 20, 1997.

     [1]  See Section 940.13 of the Policy and Procedures Manual concerning administration of fee waivers.