Proposed Revisions to 320.2 - Accreditation; Montana University System and Community Colleges



Board policy:


            1.  The units campuses of Montana University System and the community colleges under the supervision of the Board of Regents must maintain accreditation by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Colleges.


            2.  Institutions may apply, with the concurrence of the Commissioner of Higher Education, for accreditation of professional programs by agencies recognized by the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation.




            1.  A copy of any self-evaluation or other information document submitted in connection with an accreditation review shall be filed with the Commissioner of Higher Education.


            2.  The Commissioner of Higher Education shall be notified by the Ppresident, chancellor or dean   of all site visits by accreditation agencies.


            3.  The Commissioner of Higher Education or designee shall be given an opportunity to meet with the accreditation committee and/or participate in the exit conference.


            4.  A copy of each site visit report, accreditation report or accreditation status letter received by the unit shall be sent to the Commissioner of Higher Education.


            5.  The Commissioner shall report to the Board, through its Curriculum Academic and Student Affairs Committee, on each accreditation visit or change in accreditation status.




                Item 16-004-R0577. Accreditation; Montana University System units and community colleges (Revised), July 11, 1977.