Proposed Revisions to 308.1 - Faculty Exchange Agreements


Board policy:


            1.  The presidents and chancellors of the units campuses of Montana University System are authorized to enter into faculty exchange agreements with other institutions of higher education.




            1.  The agreement must be approved by the Commissioner of Higher Education;


            2.  the exchanged faculty members shall remain in the employ of their respective institutions;


            3.  all rights, benefits and privileges of employment of the exchanged faculty member shall be retained during the period that such faculty member is away from the home campus in exchange status;


            4.  the salary of the exchanged faculty member shall continue to be paid by the institution authorizing the exchange; and


            5.  arrangements for reimbursement to the affected faculty members for travel and transportation expense shall be agreed upon between the two exchanging institutions and approved by the president or chancellor of the Montana institution before such exchange shall be authorized.






                Item 11-003-R0276, Policy Regarding Faculty Exchange Agreements, Montana University System, February 6, 1976.