Proposed Revision to 203.3.3 - Board of Regents - Policy and Procedures


Board policy:


            1.  All items of Board policy The Montana University System Policy and Procedures Manual is a compilation of Board actions which are of general and continuing applicability and which establish standards of conduct or describe system organization or procedures shall be separately compiled.  Items approved by the Board which are not of a type to warrant inclusion in the policy manual are nevertheless valid for the purpose for which they were enacted and for the period of time necessary to accomplish the purpose of the enactment.


            2.  The format for codification presented by the Commissioner of

Higher Education on October 29, 1976 is approved.  The following definitions shall apply within this manual unless the context of the policy clearly indicates a different meaning is intended:

            Unit:  “Unit” means either Montana State University or the University of Montana as a whole, encompassing each of the respective universities constituent campuses and affiliated entities.

            Campus:  “Campus” means one of the campuses of a unit.  A campus may be headed by either a president, a chancellor, or a director.

            Institution:  “Institution” is a broader term than either unit or campus, and it includes, for example, units and their campuses, community colleges and, possibly, private schools, tribal colleges and other public universities.  


            3.  Authority is delegated to the Commissioner of Higher Education or his designee to promulgate edit existing policy and procedural material which does not require result in any substantive revision of the edited policy.provided the re-statement has been considered by the Inter-unit Committee on Codification.  Such editing includes changing the numbering and placement of policies, as well as changes in capitalization, punctuation and syntax.  The Commissioner or his designee may also add and delete annotations and explanatory material.


            4.  Any existing policy which needs substantive revision shall be referred to the appropriate Regents' committee by the Commissioner.  When the words “he” or “she” or “his” or “her” are used in this Manual they are intended to refer to either gender unless the context indicates an intent to be gender specific.


            5.  Areas where policy seems to be lacking should be noted and brought to the attention of the Board by the Commissioner.


Administrative policy:


            1.  The Director of Research and Services is designated to act for the Commissioner of Higher Education in connection with item 3 under Board policy.




            Each unit shall maintain at least two complete copies of the above compilation.  One compilation shall be kept in the unit's library and the other in the office of the unit president.  Both copies shall be available to the public for inspection and duplication during normal office hours.







                Item 11-901-R1275, December 15, 1975, as amended June 7, 1976; Board Resolution, October 29, 1976; Memorandum from Commissioner Pettit to Director of Planning, November 8, 1976.