Proposed Revision to 1004.1 - Naming of Buildings


Board policy:


1.  All buildings of the Montana University System may be named after or dedicated in honor of outstanding persons, or for an academic subject field, subject to the following rules and definitions.




1.  No building may be named after or dedicated in honor of any person presently associated with the institution campus.


2.  University System administrators at each unit campus of the Montana University System shall establish an administrative process for receiving and handling recommendations or proposals relating to the naming of buildings.  Final recommendations will then be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval.


3.  Service facilities for maintenance or storage, or leased or rented facilities shall be excluded from this policy and shall not be named for persons or academic fields.




1.  University buildings shall mean all administrative, academic (including research), housing, dormitories and student service buildings owned by the State of Montana and subject to the exclusive use of the Montana University System.






Item 204-007, November 27, 1967, as superseded by Item 2-014-R1073, October 19, 1973, and revised March 23, 1976.