Montana Board of Regents

Level II Program Change Request


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Level II Proposal Approval


Level II proposals require approval by the Board of Regents.† These proposals entail substantive additions to, alterations in, or termination of programs, structures, or administrative or academic entities typically characterized by the† (a) addition, reassignment, or elimination of personnel, facilities, or courses of instruction; (b) rearrangement of budgets, cost centers, funding sources; and (c) changes which by implication could impact other campuses within the Montana University System and community colleges.† Board policy 303.1 indicates the curricular proposals in this category:


†††††† Change names of degrees† (e.g. from B.A. to B.F.A.)

†††††† Implement a new minor where there is no major;†

†††††† Establish a new degree;

†††††† Add a major to an existing degree;

†††††† Expand/extend approved mission; and

†††††† Any other changes in governance and organization per Board of Regentsí Policy 218 (such as formation, elimination or consolidation of a college, division, school, department, institute, bureau, center, station, laboratory, or similar unit).


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