To:                   Board of Regents


From:               Richard A. Crofts



Date:                June 27, 2002


Subject:           Leadership College

I have attempted to find out more about planning for the Leadership College, but unfortunately do not have a lot that I can report.  I do know that Bill Johnston and Cathy Conover (and perhaps others) had some discussions with Regent Mercer several months ago and developed some ideas and suggestions for him.  As I recall, there was conversation about holding the Leadership College in Billings and Missoula (and perhaps one other location) this Fall.


Subsequent to the last meeting of the Board of Regents, I asked the university relations officers to find out if a request for utilization of on-campus facilities this Fall had been received from anyone representing the Leadership College.  To the best of their knowledge, they reported that they could find no record of such requests.  Of course, most of our facilities are heavily booked, months in advance.  Nor did they report any recent conversations with any representative of the Leadership College.


I also placed a call to Bob Person who is the Dean of the Leadership College, but learned that he is on an extensive European trip.  I will continue to pursue these efforts and perhaps will have more to report at our meeting in Glendive.