Summary of Tentative Agreement


The Montana State University-Billings Faculty Association


Montana University System

August 2005


7.000 Appointments

•Added 7.190 Fixed Term—description of purpose.

•Drafted as a Memorandum of Agreement 7.300 Adjunct—this drafted position is described in Appendix B and has a sunset of June 30th 07 when this contract will have to be renewed.

•An Adjunct position will have flexible responsibilities, hold rank, not be eligible for rank advancement or tenure.

•If an Adjunct secures a tenure track position, years as Adjunct may count


9.000 Professional Evaluation of Faculty

•Significant work on 9.600 Evaluation Procedures for PDs.

•Changed different versions of the PD to sequential drafts—Draft 1 with the Position Announcement, Draft 2 with the Letter of Offer, First Year Final Draft within two weeks of arrival on campus for employment.

•Developed new templates for different positions with matrices for required/not required components.

•Added 9.632 Evaluation of Fixed Term.

•Revised 9.633 Evaluation of Lecturers.

•Revised 9.634 Probationary T-T faculty.

•In all revised sections indicated general and specific criteria with guidance for content and format of review materials.

•Expanded explanation of abbreviated and extended reviews.


11.000 Sabbaticals and Professional Leave

•Changed 11.120 Limitations and Conditions to allow for equitable faculty compensation while on sabbatical.


14.000 Compensation

•3½ % base building salary increase 05-06.

•4% base building salary increase 06-07.

•Increases will be for all faculty and will take effect October of each year.

•Maintained separation of merit from the salary pool (at least for this CBA)


17.000 Negotiations

Reaffirmed MSU-Billings Administration and Association commitment to the Collaborative Negotiations process