March 25-26, 2004


ITEM 122-104-R0304                  Improving Efficiency by Streamlining Reporting Requirements


THAT:                                      The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes the changes as identified on the following attached policies:

                                                     Policy 801.1         Sabbatical assignment

                                                     Policy 801.2         Leaves; administrative personnel

                                                     Policy 940.9.1      Use of Plant Funds

                                                     Policy 940.23       Computer Fee

                                                     Policy 940.26       Equipment Fee

                                                     Policy 1909          Competition with the Private Sector


EXPLANATION:                            The Budget Committee of the Board of Regents recently completed a review of all board polices under the sections on compensation, finance, physical plant, and miscellaneous in the Board policy manual.  The purpose of the review was to improve efficiency at the campuses and OCHE by identifying and then eliminating or modifying reporting requirements that were redundant, outdated, and/or unnecessary.  The adoption of these recommended changes will save time and improve efficiency at both the campus and OCHE level.  While these reporting requirements were determined to be unnecessary, the policies have been modified so that the reports will still be available upon request.