ITEM 120-109-R0903                                                               September 25-26, 2003

 Policy and Procedures Manual

SUBJECT:  STUDENT AFFAIRS                                        

Policy 506.4 Reciprocal Services for Students on Academic Assignment

Board policy:

            1.  Campuses of the Montana University System (MUS) shall provide reciprocal services to one another’s students when the students are on an approved, temporary, full-time academic assignment that takes them away from their home campus for a semester and places them in close proximity to another MUS campus.


            1.         Each campus of the Montana University System (MUS) determines fees to be assessed as mandatory, along with tuition, on a matrix of fees approved annually by the Board of Regents.  Except for courses delivered at a distance entirely via educational technology, campuses may not waive mandatory fees after they have been approved on a fee matrix.

            2.         To assist a student on full-time, temporary assignment for approved academic work in a region distant from his or her home campus, an MUS campus in the region where the student is assigned will provide reciprocal services to the student for the duration of his or her approved academic work assignment under the following circumstances:

                        a.         The student has paid the fee for the service on the home campus.

                        b.         The Chief Student Affairs Officer on the home campus notifies the Chief Student Affairs Officer on the “host” campus that the student is eligible for reciprocal services.

                        c.         After the home campus has finalized its registration and fee payment processes for the enrollment period, the Chief Student Affairs Officer on the home campus will send electronic verification of the student’s status and payment of fees to the Chief Student Affairs Officer on the “host” campus.


            1.         Approved academic work includes student teaching, internships, required clinical assignments, cooperative education, and practica or other field experiences of a duration not to exceed one semester.

            2.         “Host” campus is the one receiving the student and providing reciprocal services during the timeframe of approved academic work away from the home campus.

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