Montana University System New Academic Program Proposal Summary


Campus:  Montana Tech of The University of Montana      Item Number: 118-1502-R0103


Program Title:  Economic Development Resource Center       Date:  January 16 – 17, 2003


1.         How does this program advance the campus’ academic mission and fit priorities?

In the strategic plan for Montana Tech “Building The Future While Honoring Our Heritage,” Goal III is the economic development and workforce training of which an action plan is to create an office of economic development.  The objective is to enhance the effectiveness of our ongoing support for Montana businesses and industries and identify opportunities to support new and expanding companies.  It is a long-standing tradition at Montana Tech to work closely with industry.  This center strengthens the ties to local industries.


2.         How does this program fit the Board of Regents’ goals and objectives?

The Board of Regents’ Goals and Objectives clearly request this type of action from the campuses.  Specifically in the mission to “actively participating in the preservation and advancement of Montana’s economy and society” and in Goal D “To be responsive to market, employment, and economic development needs of the State and the Nation.”


3.         How does this program support or advance Montana’s needs and interests?

The program directly influences the economic development needs and interests in Southwest Montana.


4.          How will this program contribute to economic development in Montana? (Note projected annual economic impact both regionally and statewide.)

the center alone will spend $300,000 in the state of Montana in the first two years.     


5.         What is the Program’s planned capacity?    

                            Break-even point?_____NA_______FTE students


            Enrollments/year? NA


            Graduates/year?  NA


            MT jobs/year? 1.5  (Center staff )



6.         Resource Allocation


            Total program budget?   $ 150,000/yr               Faculty FTE?  0.5

                                                                                Staff FTE? 1.0


            Does this program require new resources?  No                 Amount?


            How will the campus fund the program?


The center is funded through grant funds from a federal earmark through the Department of Commerce Small Business Administration.


            If internal reallocation is necessary, name the sources? None