May 23-24, 2002


ITEM 115-1013-R0502                Authorization to Expend Student Computer Fee Equipment Allocations; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:                                       In accordance with Montana University System Policy 940.23, the Board of Regents authorizes the expenditure of student computer fee equipment money for the following:


Non-Credit Generating Units


                                                            Information Technology Office               $  40,000

                                                Computing and Information Services        105,000

                                                            Mansfield Library                                     20,000      

                                                            Student Services                                     12,000      

                                                            Disability Services for Students                  5,000

                                                            Davidson Honors College                           4,000

                                                            Continuing Education                             $  7,840


                                                Credit-Generating Units


                                                            School of Business Administration         $  24,862

                                                            College of Arts and Sciences                   136,865

                                                            College of Technology                               16,247

                                                            School of Education                                  17,231

                                                            School of Fine Arts                                   18,216

                                                            School of Forestry                                    10,585        

                                                            School of Journalism                                  5,600

                                                            School of Law                                            6,882

                                                            School of Pharmacy and

Allied Health Sciences                               9,862


                                                                                    Total Allocated          $440,190


EXPLANATION:                                    The Computer and Network Advisory Committees,

comprised of the appropriate student representatives, developed and unanimously approved this proposal as authorized by Montana University System Policy 940.23.