January 17-18, 2002


ITEM 114-116-R0102                  FY02 Budget Modifications – Estimated Tuition Revenue


THAT:                                      The Board of Regents authorizes the following increases in the CHE Current Unrestricted Budgets to reflect estimated tuition revenues that exceed the level initially authorized:





$   482,660

COT-Great Falls

$   418,274


$   138,192


$   398,720


EXPLANATION:                        The original CHE Current Unrestricted Operating Budgets were based upon conservative enrollment and revenue projections.  While these estimates provided sufficient authority on three campuses, it appears that five campuses will not have sufficient authority based upon updated enrollment and revenue projections.  These updated projections are based upon actual summer and fall semester enrollments and revenues and projected enrollment and revenue for spring semester.  Attached is information that details the original and updated enrollment and revenue information and also details the proposed uses of the tuition revenue.