January 17-18, 2002


ITEM 114-1003-R0102               Renovation of McGill Hall for the Media Arts Program; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:                                       Consistent with the provisions of MCA 18-2-102, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes The University of Montana-Missoula to renovate a portion of McGill Hall, at an estimated cost of $1,000,000.


EXPLANATION:                        McGill Hall, the former Women’s Studies building constructed in 1953, resides at the core of The University of Montana-Missoula campus.  McGill Hall currently holds labs, classrooms, and offices for Health and Human Performance and Media Arts, with the basement housing the Co-Teach Program and the Department of Educational Research and Service.  Plans include the remodeling of the existing gymnasium and a portion of the second floor to accommodate Media Arts labs, classrooms, and offices.


      Private funds will finance this project and will result in no new programs.  This project requires the authorization of the Board of Regents and will use a portion of the University’s “blanket authority” for fund sources generated by federal, grants, or private donations given in the 56th Legislative Session, HB 005, in the amount of $1,500,00