July 12-13, 2001


ITEM 112-2004-R0701       Authorization to Renovate an Existing Pre-fabricated Metal Building to House a Portion of the Art Department Program; Montana State University-Bozeman


THAT:                                    The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Montana State University - Bozeman to expend $300,000 to renovate an existing facility to accommodate existing Art Department programs.


EXPLANATION:                  1.         Due to fire code violations that are too costly to remedy immediately, the existing graduate art program is being displaced from its current location in Taylor Hall. 


2.         The graduate art program will be moving into an existing pre-fabricated metal building that used to house the College of Agriculture’s Swine Center.  The existing building has not been occupied for approximately eight years and requires interior renovation to make it habitable for the art program.


3.         The project will be financed with non-state funds and will result in no new programs.