September 21, 2000


ITEM 108-102-R0900          Approval of the revision to Policy 940.30 – Montana Tuition Assistance Program (MTAP) Eligibility Requirements


THAT:                                    Article V, Item B, of the Montana Tuition Assistance Program Baker Grant policy be amended to reflect that the maximum MTAP Baker Grant may change with increases in tuition, fees and students’ cost of books at MUS colleges.  The revision also allows the Commissioner of Higher Education to approve changes in the maximum award amount to reflect said increases.


EXPLANATION:                  The current MTAP Baker Grant policy Article V, Item B states that “MTAP Baker Grants will be considered for Base Costs, which is determined by using the maximum Federal Pell Grant plus $500”.  The revised policy eliminates the fixed amount of $500 and replaces it with the variable, “the maximum grant amount as approved by the Commissioner.”  This revision allows the  Commissioner Of Higher Education to adjust the Base Costs to reflect increases in tuition, fees and cost of books.  The policy was first proposed in 1996.  Tuition, fees and costs of books have all risen each year for the last 4 years.


ATTACHMENTS:                Memo to Board of Regents

                                                Amended Policy