4. Sale of Assets to Assist Montana Students and Offset Tuition Increases:


The board charges the Associate Commissioner for fiscal affairs to compile a list of University System and University Foundation assets that could be sold and liquidated.  This compilation of assets deemed appropriate for sale would be presented in the form of an action plan for board consideration at the May meeting.  These assets might include any University or Foundation owned mansions, houses, lake property, or other land.   Such a “one-time-only” plan also should include how the funds generated from selling these assets could be used to directly benefit Montana students.  Such direct benefit might include directly transferring the proceeds of these asset sales to existing campus financial aid programs, such as access grants, or to a permanent scholarship endowment fund.  The Associate Commissioner for fiscal affairs would have broad discretion in the formation and presentation of this plan for board consideration.


Submitted by Student Regent Hur

March 20-21, 2003