Board of Regents Meeting

Regular Meeting


July 11-12, 2002

Glendive, MT


Proposed Board of Regents' Response to the Recommended 3.5% Budget Cut


On May 24, 2002 State Budget Director Chuck Swysgood proposed cutting the general-fund budgets of state agencies by 3.5 percent, or $23.8 million, for the fiscal year beginning July 1 because revenue is falling short of projections.  The proposed cuts would likely reduce the Montana University system lump-sum appropriation by $4.3 million.


Although many constituents already expect yet another tuition surcharge for college students, the MSU-Billings campus of the Montana University System has prepared to deal with the 3.5% cut without raising student tuition or fees as a result of the proposed cut.  In light of the fact that students will already be facing a tuition/fee increase this coming Fall Semester, and that almost every Board of Regents' meeting involves an increase in a tuition or fee schedule, it would be inappropriate to make Montana University System students (once again) pay for MUS budgetary shortfalls.  Therefore:


The Board of Regents recommends that all Campus-CEOs, following in the pattern of MSU-Billings, prepare for the “3.5% cut” without consideration for a directly linked raise in student tuition and/or fees.  The Board of Regents will expect at least a draft summary of each campus’s proposed plan by the next Board meeting.


Submitted by Student Regent Hur