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A student’s persistence towards a degree may be impacted by short-term financial hardship that may be caused by a major illness, accident, loss of family member, loss of job, car repairs or another significant unforeseen situation. The Montana University System will allocate funds to each MUS campus; these campuses may award students with aMUS PASS Grant. These grants will be awarded in varying amounts each semester (maximum lifetime benefit of $1,000 per student), until funds are exhausted.

Students apply anytime through the campus Financial Aid Office. These funds are available to assist students working through unforeseen or one-time occurrences. They are not intended to cover reoccurring expenses. When appropriate, preference will be given to students who are in jeopardy of not persisting due to their hardship. To qualify students must meet these requirements:

  • Must be an undergraduate at a qualifying campus (certificate, associates or first bachelor’s degree only);
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 at the time of the request;
  • Must have completed at least 6 credits at the institution at which they are requesting assistance (credits earned as a dual credit student do not count toward this minimum);
  • Must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits in the semester for which they are requesting assistance (special exceptions to this rule may be granted at the discretion of the campus);
  • Student must demonstrate an unmet financial need (as determined by the campus); and
  • Explanation and/or documentation supporting the unforeseen situation must be documented by the student and/or campus for reporting purposes.