If you want to begin exploring your financial aid options and get an early start on the financial aid process, FAFSA4caster is for you! Visit the FAFSA home page to access the FAFSA4caster.

This web site provides you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the financial aid process; become familiar with the various types of federal student aid that are available; and investigate other sources of aid, such as grants and scholarships.

The FAFSA4caster will calculate an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for you and give you an idea of your eligibility for Federal student aid, such as grants, loans, and student employment programs. Please keep in mind that the financial aid package provided is an estimate of your federal aid only and will not include any state aid.

When you're ready to apply for aid, you can easily transition from FAFSA4caster to FAFSA on the Web. Much of the information that you enter in the FAFSA4caster will populate your FAFSA on the Web application, making the experience of applying for federal student aid easier.

To use the FAFSA4caster, you will need:

  • Information about yourself (and your parents if you are a dependent student) such as: date of birth, marital status, dependent information and college plans.
  • Your Federal tax information or tax returns (and your parent’s information if you are an dependent student.
  • Information on savings, investments, business and farm assets for yourself (and for your parents if you are a dependent student).