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Free Dual Credit Pilot for Students in Eastern Montana

MSUB and City College are offering free dual credit courses through their “High School Connections” program for the 2016-17 school year.
Read more about this exciting program here: http://msubillings.edu/connections/


Miles Community College announces a three-year pilot program offering free dual enrollment credits for high students at Custer County District High School & Sidney High School. More information here: https://www.milescc.edu/AboutUs/NewsRelease/2016/8/514.aspx


What students are saying...

I am a senior at Granite High School in Philipsburg, Montana. I have had the opportunity to participate in a dual-credit program offered through Granite High School my junior and senior years. Because of this program, I will graduate high school having earned both my Honors Diploma, as well as 22 college credits…

I am interested in pursuing a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant through Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell. For this particular program, I will have completed all of the required pre-requisite classes, except Anatomy and Physiology I and II, prior to graduating high school. With 22 credits out of the way, I will also have the ability to work my freshman year of college, which I would not have been able to do if I had to take a full class load. I’m hoping to work and save enough money that I will not have to take out student loans when accepted into the PTA program. Participating in the dual-credit program has saved me thousands of dollars in tuition costs.

... Dual enrollment student at Granite High School

Running Start was such a great program for me! I loved it. As you may know, I earned 19 credits from FVCC. I have now transferred to Portland State University and…as a freshman going into PSU I already have 28.5 credits because every class/credit transferred with no problem!...

I am going to school for biology and also studying pre-dentistry, then I will continue with dentistry and become an orthodontist. At this rate I will easily have my BA of Science done by the end of next year (sophomore year). I was also accepted into PSU's Urban Honors! So some of my classes are a little more difficult but also a lot smaller than the regular courses. The Honors system will help me out a lot though when I get closer to graduating and applying to grad school.

…without FVCC and its amazing faculty, I would be going into college blind about how classes work, I'd be behind most of the other biology and pre-dentistry students, and I most likely wouldn't be overall prepared like I am now.

... FVCC dual enrollment student

 I will graduate Flathead High School with 13 college credits. I took intro to public speaking and psychology my first semester and in my second semester I took writing 101 and linear probability which is a dual credit. I absolutely have loved my experience... They are so friendly and the classes are small and fit my learning style much better. I feel like I'm getting a taste of college before all my other colleagues, which just gets me that much further ahead and really ready for what to expect when I actually get to college next year.

I consider this one of the best scholastic choices I made in high school and I only wish I had started earlier!

... Flathead High School dual enrollment student

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