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Provide any high school teacher who teaches a concurrent enrollment class (with at least 4 students receiving dual credit) a credit-for-credit coupon to any public or tribal college in Montana.  That is, for every dual credit hour taught (based on a college credit hour) by a high school teacher, the MUS will provide a coupon for the same number of credits, covering the cost of tuition.


This program applies to all high school teachers qualified to teach dual credit courses. Dual credit teacher qualifications include:

General Education course qualifications: A master’s degree with at least 9 credits in the teaching field/discipline of the dual credit class being taught.  A temporary two year waiver of the nine credits can be granted if the instructor is actively pursuing the additional required credits.

Career Technical Education course qualifications: bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years of occupational experience within the subject area of the dual credit class being taught.

The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education will facilitate the certification of teacher qualifications between the participating high schools and colleges. 

Please send all requests for information and/or questions to the MUS Dual Credit Coordinator, Amy Williams, (dualcredit@montana.edu) or click the buttons below. 


For the next two years; beginning in Fall 2014, running through Spring 2016.


This program is offered to teachers in any public or private high school recognized by the state of Montana.


  • Individual teachers can earn up to 24 credits over the two-year period
  • Coupons can be transferred to anyone; coupons are redeemable for resident graduate or undergraduate tuition only
  • Coupons must be redeemed by June 1, 2017 at any public or tribal college.

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