Montana Teachers Dual Credit Incentive Program

I already teach concurrent enrollment!

We are excited about the Montana Dual Credit Incentive Program and have a great team working on the processes that will deliver this to Montana educators.  Check back for more information!

Here are some preliminary details about the program:

    • Concurrent enrollment instructors working with a Montana University System college should receive their credit-for-credit coupons at the end of the semester of instruction.

    • The coupons will be ready to redeem as soon as you receive them.

    • The coupon will be equivalent to the number of college credits taught that semester. Its value will depend on the MUS campus at which it is applied as well as the type of credit.  

    • The credit-for-credit coupons are fully transferable. You can give it to whomever you choose!

Contact MUS Dual Credit Coordinator Amy Williams at with other questions about this program and check back for updates to our website!


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