Adult Pathways

Adult Pathways are designed to prepare adult students for success by assisting them in acquiring academic and career information necessary to gain access to a career pathway or pursue postsecondary education. An adult pathway consists of strategies for overcoming workforce barriers by bringing together industries, community services, government agencies, post-secondary education to identify, enroll, and prepare career-limited adults for high demand career opportunities. Components of an successful adult pathway should address the following needs of the client:

  • Personal needs (financial, logistical, physical and mental health)
  • Academic skills (remediation and career foundation)
  • Career focus (identify strengths, interests, educational pathway, job economy)
  • Employability skills (interpersonal relations, ability to work in teams, critical thinking, problem solving)
  • Career skills
  • Job entry skills
  • Advance skills (lifelong learning, long range career goals)


Examples of Contextualized Pathways

Auto Technology

Fire and Rescue



Criminal Justice