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Reinvestment Projects
The Montana University System (MUS) received a total of $118 million in funding from the Montana Reinvestment Act.  The following highlights provide an overview of the major categories where funds will be spent.  Details for every project will be provided as they become available.

Tuition Mitigation, $19.8 million     (Complete)grads
One of the highest priorities of the Montana Board of Regents is to provide affordable education opportunities to Montanans.  With the funding provided for tuition mitigation for resident students in the University System, including funding for community colleges, the Regents intend to keep tuition in the MUS as affordable as possible.

  • Tuition Mitigation for Resident Students, $18.2M
  • Community College Tuition Mitigation, $1.6M

Stabilizing Budgets,
$63.3 million     (Complete)
In order to offset budget reductions, Reinvestment dollars were allocated to stabilize budgets in the MUS and to save jobs.   

  • Community College Assistance, $1.3M
  • 6 Mill Levy Backfill, $2.5M
  • Stablization Funding (Fund Swap), $59.5Mtribal

Tribal College Assistance,
$900,000     (Complete)
Support is provided to continue current levels of funding for Tribal Colleges to help offset costs related to non-native student enrollment.   Tribal colleges do not receive support from the federal government for non-native student enrollees.

Distance LearningDistance Learning, $2 million     (Complete)
Reinvestment funds support a new initiative to improve access and affordability of two year colleges, the Distance Learning & Integrated Enrollment project. The funding will be used to centralize distance offerings into a single, unified, web-based student enrollment system for admissions and financial assistance.


Energy Conservation, Renovation, and Maintenance, $28.8 million     (Complete)
With funding from the Montana Reinvestment Act, the Montana University Systemwill engage in a variety of energy conservationimprovement and renovation projects, efforts that will save both energy andmoney, as well as create jobs.

  • Energy Conservation Improvements,$12.3 M
  • Energy Revolving Loan Fund, $8.7 M
  • UM Western, Main Hall Renovation, $6.0 M
  • Community College Assistance, $1.8M

Agricultural Research & Extension, $.8 million     (Complete)
Support is provided for agricultural research, equipment and infrastructure.Agricultural Research

  • MSU Ag Experiment Station, Sawfly Research, $500,000
  • MSU Extension Service, Local Gov’t Center, $300,000

Virtual Academy, $2 million     (Complete)
Reinvestment funds will help establish a virtual high school in coordination with the Montana University System, to increase access to both high school and college courses.

PBS Satellite Delivery, $400,000     (Complete)
Funds will help continue service for the public broadcasting system across Montana.

Federal Grant Funds, (amount to be determined)     (Ongoing)
In addition to providing direct funding to the states, The Federal Recovery Act makes available competitive grants that may be awarded directly to units in the Montana University System.

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