Medical and Osteopathic Medical Applicants

The Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program, authorized by the Montana Legislature in 1991 and amended in 1997 and 2007, was established to encourage physicians to practice in rural and medically underserved areas of Montana. Toward this end, the Rural Physician Incentive Trust Fund was established to facilitate payment of qualified medical educational debts of physicians who serve communities or populations that are medically underserved and where there is a demonstrated need for medical services.

As mandated by law, the trust is funded by fees assessed to all Montana medical and osteopathic medical students supported by the State of Montana pursuant to the WICHE and WWAMI medical education programs. Therefore, as a condition of receiving state support through either the WICHE or WWAMI programs, all medicine and osteopathic medicine students are required to pay an annual tuition surcharge throughout the duration of their professional program. This surcharge is calculated at 16% of the established WICHE medical and osteopathic medical support fees each academic year. For the 2017/2018 academic year, this tuition assessment will be $5,224 for medical students and $3,524 for osteopathic medical students. The amount of the fee increases incrementally each year as the support fees increase. The fee is separate from all other medical school tuition, fees, and expenses and is payable separately and directly to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education by November 1st of each support year. It is important to understand, that if you are among the students selected to receive state support through either of these exchange programs in the field of medicine or osteopathic medicine, you will be required to pay this fee annually throughout the duration of your program and should plan to incorporate it into your financial aid plans.

If you have any questions regarding this fee assessment or the Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program
(MRPIP), please contact Laurie Tobol, Student Assistance Manager/State Certifying Officer, at (406) 444-0322 or via email at


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