Proposed Revisions to 940.10 - Continuing Education Fees


Board policy:


            1.         Credit programs:


            a.         The units campuses of Montana University System are authorized to charge a continuing education fee of $70.00 per semester credit hour minimum.  A higher enrollment fee may be charged when variations occur.


            b.         Authorization is also granted for a $70.00 per course charge for each participant desiring academic credit in a fully-sponsored continuing education course.


            c.         When a seminar or institute is offered every attempt should be made to have fees paid by a sponsoring agency.  When such agency pays the cost of the programs and refuses to pay fees in addition, such fees may be waived.


            d.         Auditors and listeners shall pay the full fee.


            2.         Non-credit programs:


            a.         Each CEU course participant shall be charged a fee based on the costs.  Auditors shall pay full charges.


            b.         Other non-credit enrollment fees shall be based on cost.




            A fully sponsored credit program is an activity for which registrants, except those participants desiring academic credit, pay no fees. In fully sponsored programs, a third party either directly pays all instructional costs or contracts with a continuing education office for the instructional costs of a program.  Programs made possible by grants that cover all instructional costs may be designated sponsored programs.

            A partially sponsored credit program is an activity for which a third party pays a sum to a unit campus sufficient to permit a program to be offered with either fewer than the number required to be self-supporting or at a lower price to the registrant.  A partially sponsored credit program is in effect a self-supported program in which the participant's payment plus the third party's contribution at least equals the fee per credit hour set by the Board of Regents.


Cross reference:

     See Fee Waiver Policy 940.13 for non-applicability to self-supporting programs.



     Item 2-007-RO973, December 10, 1973, as amended July 11, l977, March 10, 1980, Oct. 30, 1981, May 21, 1982, Dec. 14, 1984, July 24, 1987, and September 15, 1992.