Proposed Revision to 802.5 - Salaries; Continuing Education


Board policy:


            1.         A faculty member teaching credit courses in continuing education shall normally be paid at the standard rate of $575 per semester credit hour.  A higher or lower rate may be negotiated.


            2.         A "dislocation allowance" of 104 per mile for each session shall be added to the faculty member's remuneration for those offerings which are held more than 50 miles from campus.  The dislocation allowance shall be calculated on the round trip mileage traveled to and from each session of the offerings based on the state's mileage chart.


            3.         Normal travel reimbursement and per diem are authorized.


            4.         For non-credit offerings, fees and salaries may fluctuate within reasonable limits based upon the need for the total program to be self-supporting.


            5.         Continuing Education Unit (CEU) offerings should be treated as other non-credit offerings with a fee policy which reflects costs established by each unit campus.





                Continuing Education Recommendations approved by Board of Regents, July 12, 1976 (Rescinded); Item 17-009-R0777, July 11, 1977, March 10, 1980, December 14, 1984, July 24, 1987, September 15, 1992; Item 82-004-R0194, Continuing Education; salaries, approved March 24, 1994.