Proposed Revision to 703 - Non-discrimination; Montana University System


Board policy:


            Each institution campus of the Montana University System shall insure that no employment or educational policy is discriminatory on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, political ideas, sex, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, or ancestry unless based on reasonable grounds.




            1.  The president or chancellor of each institution campusshall:

                        A.         assign the responsibility for monitoring and implementing equal opportunity regulations to a designated person or persons and insure that copies of appropriate laws and regulations are readily available to interested persons;


                        B.         establish a grievance procedure to consider complaints or actions brought against the institution campus under any applicable regulation and make the availability of the procedure known to all constituencies;


                        C.         establish a notification procedure to insure awareness of the institution's campus’s non-discrimination policy and of the designated person to whom complaints or inquiries should be referred;


                        D.         assign the responsibility for development of an affirmative action plan consistent with state and federal regulations and establish an appropriate time frame for completion and implementation;


                        E.         evaluate current educational and employment practices to determine if there has been any discrimination and, where discrimination is discovered, institute a plan of action to alleviate such effects.


            2.  The Commissioner of Higher Education shall:


                        A.         provide technical assistance or information as appropriate within the constraints of staff availability;


                        B.         develop an affirmative action plan consistent with state and federal guidelines to cover employment practices in his office;


                        C.         maintain a copy of each unit's affirmative action plan, grievance procedure and notification procedure in the central office;


                        DC.       maintain records related to equal opportunity and provide periodic assessments of units' affirmative action and equal opportunity efforts.


                Item 12-004-R0676, Policy on Non-discrimination, June 7, 1976; as revised February 1, 1991.