Proposed Revision to 702.1 - Appointment of Faculty


Board policy:


            1.         Appointments to teaching, research, or other faculty positions at each unit campus of the Montana University System shall be identified tenurable or nontenurable.  Tenurable appointments shall be either probationary or tenured.


            2.         Nontenurable appointments are for a specified term and expire automatically without notice at the end of the term unless renewed prior to expiration.


            3.         Appointments at less than full-time or joint appointments of two or more individuals to a single position may not be tenurable appointments.


            4.         Service in nontenurable appointments does not count towards probationary service for tenure.


            5.         An appointment not specifically identified as tenurable is a nontenurable appointment.  A tenurable appointment not specifically identified as tenured is probationary.




            1.         Each unit campus may establish policies for nontenurable appointees regarding other faculty rights and responsibilities, including voting.  Such policies may recognize different classes of nontenurable appointments (such as adjunct faculty, adjunct research faculty, visiting faculty, lecturer, etc.).


            2.         The contract or letter of employment for nontenurable appointees should specify the term of the appointment.  In the event the term is not specified in the contract or letter, the term is considered to be the academic time division (quarter, semester, or summer session) during which employment first occurs.


          3.         If a campus wishes to offer an appointment to a continuing appointee of another campus, the joint appointment must be approved by the campus administration where the faculty member has his regular appointment.






             Item 180-001, Sept. 11, 1961 is rescinded.  Item 16-003-R0577, Appointment of Adjunct Faculty, Montana University System, July 11, 1977. revised June 26, 1981 and March 21, 1986.