Proposed Revision to 403 - Research Proposals; Inter-campus Communications



Administrative policy:


            1.  Federally funded project proposals which are approved are public information and should be shared upon request with other units campuses of the Montana University System and the Commissioner's office.


            2.  The institutions requesting a copy of the funded proposal should, if asked, pay the cost of duplication.  It would be appropriate for campuses to share news of funded projects through newsletters and information sheets, and these should be routinely circulated among all campuses.


            3.  We are a University System, and each campus should accept the obligation to inform the other units campuses of project activities where there is obvious, logical, shared interest according to the officially approved role and scope mission statement.  No campus should be involved in research or other type of project which does not logically relate to its role and scope statement mission.





                Memorandum from George R. Bandy, Acting Commissioner of Higher Education to Presidents and Vice Presidents or Directors of Research, February 15, 1979.