Proposed Revision to 401.1 - Consulting Services - Faculty



Board policy:


1.  Recognizing that teaching, research and public service are the primary responsibilities of faculty members in the Montana University System, it may be reasonable and feasible for faculty members to engage in consulting activities.


2.  Each unit campus of the Montana University System shall adopt rules and regulations governing consulting activities carried on by faculty members.




1.  Each campus policy shall:


a.         require reimbursement to the institution whenever an employee uses the institution's personnel, facilities or equipment in the conduct of his or her consulting activities.  Such reimbursement must be consistent with rates charged to outside groups or persons for similar uses;


b.         include guidelines and procedures to govern consulting activities which involve the placement by faculty members of competitive bids which shall include:


(l)         procedures for obtaining the prior approval of the Administration;


(2)        provisions relating to rates of reimbursement for institutional facilities and equipment and for other indirect costs borne by the institution;


(3)        provisions defining appropriate arrangements for the use of university personnel or students; and


(4)        provisions defining and prohibiting conflicts of interest.


2.  Rules and regulations adopted by each unit campus of the Montana University System shall be made available to the Commissioner of Higher Education and to all faculty members in at the unit campus concerned by publication in a Faculty Handbook or by other means.


3.  Annually, by October 1, each campus should prepare an inventory of faculty consulting activities, including relevant documentation, during the preceding

fiscal year.





For purposes of this policy, "consulting" is defined as any additional activity beyond duties assigned by the institution, professional in nature and based in the appropriate discipline for which the individual receives additional personal compensation during the contract year.






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