Proposed Revision to 271.1 - Technical Committees; Vocational Technical Education



Statutory Authority:


            Public Law 98-524



Board policy:


            1.         The Commissioner of Higher Education is authorized to appoint technical committees for the purpose of advising the Board of Regents and its staff on matters relating to vocational-technical education.




            1.         Initial committees shall be established in the following areas:


                        a.  Mining and minerals

                        b.  Agriculture

                        c.  Forestry and lumbering

                        d.  Tourism

                        e.  Health care


            2.         The committees shall be established for one year terms.


            3.         The Commissioner shall consult with the State Council on Vocational Education before appointments are made.


            4.         Committees may be continued beyond the initial term and new committees may be established as necessary by the Commissioner of Higher Education.






                Item 59-7001-R0588;  Technical Committees Vocational Technical Education, May 6, 1988.