Proposed Revision to 218 - Institutional Organization


Board policy:


            1.  The following matters require review and approval by the Board of Regents before they can be announced and implemented.


                        a.         formation, elimination or consolidation of a college, division, school, department, institute, bureau, center,  station, laboratory or similar unit;


                        b.         establishment, elimination or change in scope of an off-campus resident center;


                        c.         designation of a lead institution;


                        d.         movement of an academic unit from one college, school or division to another; and


                        e.         changes in the names of any of the entities covered in 1.a. above.




            Proposals for centers and institutes shall:


                        1.         identify its purpose;


                        2.         state its objectives;


                        3.         briefly describe its anticipated activities;


                        4.         identify all agencies, organizations and/or institutions which will be involved and include advisory council information;


                        5.         identify its organizational structure within the institution;


                        6.         describe the interrelationships between it and the institutional role and scope mission, including information about which departments on campus will be involved and how the center or institute will contribute to the academic programs of the institution;


                        7.         identify first year and continuing finances necessary to support it including the sources of funding;


                        8.         describe other similar programs in the state and surrounding region;


                        9.         identify faculty expertise available for participation in its activities;


                        10.        state the internal campus review and approval process which has occurred prior to submission to the Commissioner's Office.







                Item 24-001-R0579, Institutional organization, Montana University System, May 30, 1979 as revised October 28, 1983.




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