Proposed Revision to 217.1 - Local Executive Boards



(delete statutory redundancies in #1 and add compensation amount in #3)


Board policy:


            1.  Pertinent statutory provisions - (20-25-303;304 M.C.A.)  Members of local boards, after appointment by the Governor and confirmation by the Board, qualify by making the filing of their oath of office with the Board.  The regular term of office is three years except that a member of a local board may be sooner removed by the Governor or by the Board.  Limited allowances for compensation are fixed by statute, and necessary expenses may be reimbursed.  Meetings must be held at least once each calendar quarter.  Each campus shall have a local executive board appointed as provided in 20-25-303 M.C.A.  Local board functions relating to institutional management or staff are limited to such as may be conferred by the Board and are subject always to the supervision of the latter.  Local boards may receive gifts and bequests for the use of the institutions.


            2.  Functions - The functions of each local board shall include consultative and advisory service to the president of the institution as well as other duties as may be duly specified and communicated to them by, or on behalf of, the Board, President, Chancellor or the Commissioner of Higher Education.


            3.  Compensation - Each member of a local executive board may be  compensated as provided by statute (20-25-303(5)).




The Board of Regents of Higher Education is referred to herein as the "Board"; and local executive boards are referred to as "local boards".  When "institution" is mentioned in the singular or plural, it means the particular institution with which a particular local board is concerned.







                Item 3-016-R0174, Regulations Respecting Local Executive Boards for Institutions of the Montana University System Subject to the Jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of Higher Education as revised April 11, 1978 and July 26, 1985.